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Moving Marijuana Ahead



Hi there


I am currently studying psychology (last semester) and am seriously considering marijuana for my thesis, that is, , myself as the main participant. Given the ethical dillemas concerning marijuana use in scientific stuides, i figure this is the best i can do. I am certainly excited and motivated to assist getting the message out to the public arena. Can anyone offer any advise, or any contacts that could assist me in my research. It will mainly concern sleep behaviours and the benifits of canna. Addtionally, i would like to investigate the benifits of medical marijuana for adult ADHD. As i am a proud ADHD individual, and find this miracle plant benifical, i would like to contribute to research knowledge concerning this area. Does anyone know where or who an aspiring academic can contact regarding the aformentioned plans.


Thanks Peeps


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I Think thats a guttsy move, I hope you are successful.

if there are existing laws that you might be bound by, then the Uni will wanna know they arent in anyway in breach of "Duty of care." and prolly a bunch of other shit...by allowing you to do your study." otherwise there might be a legal proble with you and that institue. (the short answer, they will wanna cover their arse and so should you)


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Love it, id like to help. No idea what id be able to contribute however.

ADHD isn't a disorder in my opinion. I was 'Diagnosed' with ADHD once and I'm just as focused as anyone else now. I was a kid, kid's are hyperactive. They don't stay interested in one thing for long. Its normal, some kids are more hyper than others and are less focused. But I think you will find that is a product of upbringing and not some disorder.


There are still times when I can not focus but again that's normal. Weed helps there if I realy need to focus for some reason.


As for sleep, I have scoliosis and little to none in the lordosis department. As a result of this I'm in a state of constant tension in the spine. Which the magority of the time is coupled with pain. Trying to go to bed with it is like trying to sleep while someone (somehow) has their hands gripped tightly around your spine and is slowly twisting it.

In short - I can't sleep. Often days at a time this goes on. A week can pass and I've had like 1 broken hour of sleep each night ( If i'm lucky)


Weed help's this unbelievably well. And I've found that not all strains do however. Sativa doesn't help. I need a nice strong Indica if I want to fall asleep comfortably.

Sativa helps during the day though. I like a Sativa/Indica hybrid for the day. Keep me alert and not tooooo lazy bahahaha. The indica Just relaxes everything. Sativa seem's

to numb well. But it keeps me awake so thats good for the day.



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Hey thanks for the feedback. I want to do this research solo post grad. The hell with Uni politics but youre spot on GL about the etc etc. Thanks Sir Xen, awesome info, impressed with youre sativa/indica cobo, in line with youre natrual circadian rhythm
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