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jack herer



I would like to grow some jack herer in a small closet in my garage. any advice on this would be helpful.....should i leave it at 2 plants and let them bush up or do 4 or 6 in a sea of green method?

also, is a 250 watt hps sufficent? its only a small wardrobe... I smoked this strain years ago and it knocked the shit out of me,never seen it again as most peeps keep it for themselves


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hi, I think I'm an experienced grower but totally new here and I never used a 250W light but I'll try to be helpfull.

- Personally I would leave 4 plants under a 250W.

- Depending on the size of the closet, I'd rather use a 400W and still leave 4 plants with more vegetative state.


Actually, the way to optimise space is a hard question. You could have so many different anwsers about it.

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My ideal setup in your situation would be 4 plants 2 in veg 2 in flower with several clones along side the veggies. So that by the time the flowers have bloomed you can move the veg plants in and the clones should be well on the way to a full plant. So by the time you have some more clones vedging your moving 2 fresh plants into flower.


Etc etc etc. I think a 250w would do the trick nicely in a small space. Paint the wardrobe innards flat white and separate it into 2 chambers if you can. Like, Pin up some black plastic on the inside and paint it white (Black just so there is no light leakage) on the veggie side id go with either a nice set of 4 fluro tubes (natural white and warm white - 3 white 1 warm)


Once the setup is in place it should end up being something like;










| = wall

O = Plant

. = Clone

- = Empty space (It wouldnt let me space out the |'s)



2 in veg on either a 18/6 cycle or a 24 hour cycle alone side clones.

2 in flower on a 12/12 cycle.

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