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soil mix

ganja smoker


hey im in north QLD and groing in the rain forests useing pots,my soil mix is Searles five in one,Searles vegtable pottting mix,tiny amount of dolomite,dynamic lifter organic plant food,blood and bone + trace elements,couple of handfuls of Searles seed raiseing mix and about four handfuls of Searles premium potting mix. am ferting with the blood and bone,powerfeed,dynamic lifter plant food and triple boost.


any comments? or tips?


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G'day bro,if you can, try and mix at least 50% perlite into your mix....I grew for years in Darwin and perlite made all the difference keeps in moisture as its now the dry season but promotes much better root growth and is easier to move pots up trees or anywhere,also if you can find areas were bats roost collect their shit(guano) as it is the gear!! good luck!!dont use pre made potting mix as it contains tooo much sand and usually grows weeds that will compete with your babis!!
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mate when it comes to growing smoko in the tropics I found that a big ratio of perllite was the key and i just dont like pre made mixes so i would use 60% perlite half fine grade and half medium or coarse grade with a good handfull of charcol and the rest premium potting mix amgrow gold label is the gear ,too much clay or sand in ya mix can go sour in pots and fuck up ya plants get a handfull of yr soil and squeeze it if it stays in a solid lump its got too much clay and if it doesnt stick then theres too much sand...seasol is the gear liquid fert stay natural! and where you are the rainforrest should be full of awesome composted soils so experiment,,,hope ya buds get huge and sticky!!
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15%coco and 25%perlite 15% 5n1 and 45% searles vege..... dolomite mixed through it .... feed seasol and triple boost at half strength when the plant is older than 3 or 4 weeks outdoors .... once a week ..... humic once a month if possible .... what you should do is grab the searles 5n1 ... in a sock and chuck it into a bucket of water and leave but agitate etc and let it brew for a few days and feed that once a week instead of the triple boost, apply the triple boost once a month then at full strength and tea's once a week .... add seasol to the tea ....
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