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Let there be light!



Ok, done my little shopping trip and got my lamp setup now. 400w HPS Sylvania globe with Powerplant ballast and White wing style shade. Seller was a nice bloke, everything was in v.good nick, good value for $41. I wonder if that Sylvania globe is actually made by Philips because both of these are made in Belgium. These big mobs do that sort of thing; make it all on the same production line with minor differences (for example the Son-T having that bit of Xenon(?) for the blue spectrum) for whatever brand/price point they want to sell them at.


Must say though, them old school ballasts are heavy little buggers, thank your favourite deity that it was only a 300m walk to the bus stop. I got a old growing cannabis book, the type you'd get in Kings Cross, so it'll be reading material at least, not necessarily a bible as such. And thrown in the deal was a Canna Ultimate Grow DVD as well. So even if people have some misgivings about me getting 2nd hand gear that's fair enough, but at least it isn't your money, so you have permission to laugh if/when shit goes wrong with it.


Next thing on the shopping list is a cool tube, and a 400W Son-T globe from a mob up on the northern beaches i found on ebay.


I'm also going to have to look at getting pots, coco, clay balls, pretty much the setup as per Grasshopper72's tutorial here , as this is the setup i'm looking at, being the easiest to do with the zero experience I have.


This may well be the first real tricky bit of the setting up stage. Getting all that big stuff here past the elders. With no car, and nobody that I trust to gimme a hand getting it here, that will take a little thinking. I may have to fork out some $ for a courier...


Ok, that's it for the moment, my up and down moods are going down again, ( :yahoo: ) so I'll go off to do some reading on the boards here think about stuff till my mood picks up again in a week or so, get some stuff, have the mood pick up and let the cycle start over again.


Cop you later. :bongon:



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