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We cant tell you that sorry. Everybody enjoys different types of smoke, you will need to work out whether you prefer an indica or sativa stone, or something in between and then some members may be able to point you in the right direction as far as strains go. Also, posting this in the main forums would probably get you a few more replies ;)




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Heres what I did, get the best brand and best strain seeds you can


If your going to spend that money and time growing, dont skimp on genetics

you dont want to be starting with weak stock...


also once you buy the expensive seeds once, you can just clone it for free for unlimited plants


personally I got ak47 and skunk#1 because I found they grow stronger and faster, and have huge buds

and the ak47 has way more trichomes than the other strains ive tried


I also tried WW because they are easy to grow, but they have a long flower time and i found didnt perform as well as the ak47 or skunk


I also tried super lemon haze, that taste like your smoking a lemon (yuck taste) sour


Also grew a couple of automatic afrodite, they grew very quickly and had a nice sweet smell and taste, bud medium size buds at best


remember once you have a good performing plant, clone it many times, and dont clone any slower, smaller plants


keep at it :bongon:

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Hey Zapp,

This year Im smoking Arjans Haze#2 by Greenhouse Seeds. Demonseeds stock it and thats who I got mine from. The reason I reckon it could be good for you is because Ive never met anyone who did not enjoy a haze variety. The stone from this strain is full body with a clearish head for me, really glorious. The other reason it woulsd be good is because its tough and easy to grow. We had terrible growing conditions with floods and very little sun this season and the Arjans just kept on kicking and produced some great smoke. PM me if you wanna know any more or have any questions. Cya

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