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What are we?



You may recall a moment when a person has said "he has a great mind","she has a good soul" or "She has a nice body."


This gets me thinking. What are we if we are none of these but the owner of them? Your mind may become lost, you body then becomes broken and then your soul goes into the afterlife (according to theism). Then what happens to us? We never once mention that we are a soul, mind or body but treat these things as if they were property.


Perhaps what we are is a being made up of none of these and have simply forgot what we are. Or are we a collection of all of these things? In which case the absence of even one of these things would completely nullify our existence. Or perhaps like an animal looking into a mirror we view ourselves as a separate entity, breaking ourself into three parts when there is no such thing. Maybe this is why people feel lost sometimes? They feel as if they are just drifting trying to fix these separate things when instead they need to understand they are all components of one thing and that in order to fix one part you have to fix all of them.


The world is full of broken people looking to find and put the three pieces of their jigsaw back together, when the pieces and the answer has been within arms reach all this time.


Food for thought


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Coincidentally. I argue with myself a lot and I always win. But then I get pissed and sit in an awkward silence refusing to talk to myself anymore.
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