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We got honey's



After pre flowers checked and males removed i ended up with

2 x cs from last 2 beans (over three years old seeds!) - all CS seeds i ever had turned female! :bongon:

2 x JHxBBC - jack herer fem x cheese male - seeds a mate bred!. 2 fem/5 seedlngs

2 x JH - clones that i received from my very sick mom which mate was looking after

2 x AK 47 healthy clones, from a new mate.


I only planned for 6 in 15lt coco/large perlite mix with clay ball bottomfill. Ended with 8 plants so its very crowded!


Nutrilife coco a&b, Rhizotonic, phythoff (occasionaly), mite spray on occasion.

nitrozym (weak) foliar spray


Vegged with 250w mh for first few weeks until new growth started nicely and plants were recovering.

changed to 400w mh conversion bulb for final weeks 18/6 - now they were happy plants :blink:, bit of tlc

switched 12/12 400w mh arnd 26th may. Took 2 cuts off Best CS and AK, jkxbbc - all rooted :)



2 June

Went on holiday for 1 week and setup a temp watering system 1 per every second day, approx 10 litres per watering on all plants. 16 CF


10 June :blink:

Came back from holiday and straight away went to check, Suprise :) :) :), what a joyful sight, sea of green, bit over crowded but will sort that out with some trimming and bondage when plants are ready from changeover stretch/stress.


12 June

Bought some canna coco a&b, Canna pk13/14, cannazym. First feed will be tonight around 18cf.

This canna coco stuff doesnt have a grow and bloom just the one for complete grow - Does this sound right?

Srry no pics yet but hopefully by end of week i'll sort it out. :bongon:


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