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New start Multi-strain indoor soil-type mix ....

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Hey Guys and Gals and the in-betweens,


Just a multi-strain grow here from a "FOAF" .... The strains they selected were interesting hybrids and strains reknown for strong vigour and good potency, the purpose is to select some mums and to test out the new rig (recirc system with hydroton).....I believe they have found a few candidates for mums already ... the Matanuska Tundra x yumboldt and a jack herrer plant ....Strains are as follows (I forgot to add a strain to the description of my blog - whoops, these things are easy to lose track of) .....


Jack Herrer (GHS),Acid (Diesel) - Paradise seeds, Matanuska Tundra x Yumboldt (original yumboldt and matanuska tundra !! :) Sagar's), Kaia Kush (Super Silver haze x OG), Buddhas sister (somas), Strawberry Diesel (Rez dog) x NYCD (Somas) - Sagar's and an autoflowering strain..... I will post pics soon..... Theyre only a few weeks old and are fat bushy ladies :) All strains are feminised... will be an interesting run.... they are going to let them bush out with an extended vege time, they have plenty of space..... lots of lighting.... perfect temps and a greattttt lineup of nutrients/stimulants/additives of sorts.... going to push these plants as hard as they can be..... The grow style is SOIL INDOORS :o oh nooooooooo ..... NOTTT SOILLLL INDOORSSSSS bad results from soil indoors people ramble (over and over again) .... well, the soil/perlite/coco mix they use has never had any problems whatsoever.... I guess they can test the theory that soil is not a good medium for indoor grows, right ? .... We'll see.....


Okay, pics will follow shortly, take it easy, butttt errrr take it !!! :) !!!


Peace n pot,


PS- Pics will be added gradually ...... and not always on a continual basis.


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hi cybermental, good luvk eith it wouldnt mind knowing the soil /perlite/cocco % of each your yousing , ive been thinking of doing something under lights and wanterd to use soil
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hi cybermental, good luvk eith it wouldnt mind knowing the soil /perlite/cocco % of each your yousing , ive been thinking of doing something under lights and wanterd to use soil


Hey mate, 40% soil, 20% coco 30% perlite + a lil vermiculite.... Theyre looking good now, unforunately because of my current situation ... have had to stunt their growth lol, which is something im not used to .... Have to keep odours down without the use of a big centri fan/carbon filter they were growing out of control and starting to stink badddd........ they have been butchered a lil, lots of nice branching, theyre looking good, cant wait until its in full throttle, full steam ahead lol



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