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does anyone know where i can get "the handbook guide to bong smokers etiquette", (a 10 - 12 page handbook) containing old packers rights rules. I'm not sure if that's what it's called can anyone help me find one or know what i'm looking for


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Hay try look HERE


some lisating are ;


Greg Green - The Cannabis Grow Bible 4th Edition.pdf

Growing Cannabis.pdf

Growing Wild Mushrooms.pdf

Guide of growing Marijuana.pdf

Health - Marijuana Processing etc...pdf

How To Grow Marijuana.pdf

How To Grow Weed.pdf

How To Make Hash Oil.pdf

How-To Hydroponics, 4th Edition (Keith Roberto, 2003).pdf


Hydroponics-The Basics.pdf

Hydrpponics - Practical Guide for the soiless Gardener.pdf

Jack Herer - The Emperor Wears No Clothes.pdf

Make And Toke Your Own Bongs!.pdf

Marijuana - The Cannabis Grow Bible.pdf

Marijuana and the Cannabinoids.pdf

Marijuana Botany An Advanced Study.pdf

Marijuana Botany.pdf

Marijuana BUDS for less -SeeMoreBuds.pdf

Marijuana Chemistry - Genetics, Processing, & Potency - Michael Starks.pdf

Marijuana Chemistry - Michael Starks (2nd edition 1990).pdf

Marijuana Horticulture.pdf

Rockwool -The Book.pdf

THC Resin Extraction.pdf

The Art And Science Of Cooking With Cannabis.pdf

The Beginner's Guide to Hash-Growing.pdf

The Cannabis Grow Bible.pdf

The Complete Cannabis Cultivator.pdf

The Genus Cannabis.pdf

The Joint Rollers Handbook.pdf

The Joys Of An Herb Garden At Home (Version 3).pdf

The Marijuana Grower's Guide.pdf

The Marijuana Growers Guide-Frank,Rosenthal.pdf

The New Marijuana Growing Guide.doc

The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control.pdf

The Science of Marijuana.pdf

The Total Synthesis of Cannabinoids.pdf

The Ultimate Guide To Growing Marijuana.pdf

Todd McCormick - How To Grow Medicinal Marijuana.pdf



Havew not seen a net listing for the title you entered - who is the author ?

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Thats whats it's called the handbook guide to bong smokers etiquette, ive been looking for my copy cant find it atm, i think i got mine in one of the shops in nimbin great book..


happy hunting peyotedub peacee :bongon:

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