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Hello Australia



Hello Australia:


This is me making my introduction to you wonderful people out there! I'd welcome your comments. Please write back. I'm after some general information as I live in Canada right now and I have to come back to Australia because my nursing degree is going to expire unless I work over there. I need the cold weather and the mountainous regions inwhich to live so the first thing I need to know is whether or not that area exists in either western Australia or South Australia. I'd appreciate your comments.


In Canada you'll stand a very good chance of earning $2400 a pound for any form of decent Kush whether it be outdoor or indoor. But if you try and grow anything else you'll have a hard time finding a bulk buyer and will have to sell on your own most probably. That's probably because some of the weed (not all) gets funneled down into the USA and market demand calls for Kush Kush Kush! There's better stuff out there but it doesn't matter.


My next question is what strains sell in Australia really well? Can it be anything you can get your hands on or is it like Canada - Kush is best? How much does a pound sell for if you're the grower? Is selling weed dangerous down under as in you'll get a gun to your head very easily if you're not careful or are there decent buyers and sellers?


If you decided to grow outdoors in British Columbia Canada, you'd plant on or around May 1 and the plants would beg from May to August and then late August through September they would flower. Depending on the strain you'd harvest in late Sept. or Oct. When do you plant your babies in Australia if you're doing it outdoors? Is the soil sand or can you find good soil compositions?


I'd love to be educated if and when anyone has the time...


For those interested in medical marijuana there is an excellent organization called Patients out of time in the USA. It's run by a registered nurse and I am just starting to learn more about medical marijuana through this organization. While I was in Australia training I had cancer myself. Smoking weed was the only method to help prevent me from puking my guts out after every radio therapy session. I do want to get political in the near future and run for parliament.


If anyone out there has heard of Marc Emery, the prince of pot, you can write to him in Prison. He wazs railroaded by the conservative government in Canada and was sent down to the states to do five years for selling seeds to people in the states. Here is is mailing address. I know he would love to hear from people who believe in the power of weed.


Federal Detention Center

Marc Scott Emery

Reg: 402520086 Unit: DB

P.O. Box 13900

Seattle, WA




Take care everyone and I look forward to chatting with you. Oh, if there's any female growers out there, I'm looking for a wife! But she has to get on with a cancerian male! :bongon:

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no cold + mountains in WA or SA ... in fact no canada cold at all. google 'pemberton' to check out climate of WA's coldest town.


Oz seems to have two commercial strains: 'bush' and 'hydro'. hydro smokers sneer at bush but bush can be very good.


commerce always links quantity with price ... talk about danger is a demonstration of fear ... demonstrations of fear attract danger ... so unless you come to understand this irony and change the way you talk here you probably shouldn't get commercially involved.


Oz is a big country ... generally planting is possible from august with harvest in may ... but northerly some people plant all year round with main crop begun in august.

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