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Sorry guys

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sorry about that



sorry about my first post guys it was a bit shitty. My name is Dave and im new to growing cannibis I decided to join this forum to meet more people that grow aswell as I am not overly confident at the actual growing part. feel free to poke around and find out who I am by asking me some questions.


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:peace: G'day Dave - Welcome

I am also new -

I like the "STRANGER!!!" warning on the first postings - But I guess that is to do with 'drug induced' paranoia and the risks with legalities not a intuitive assessment... The criminals in the drug trade are there because of the law. I knew of undercover agents on the Sunshine Coast during the 80's that were using i.v. drugs and smoking pot with all the locals ... Then came the raids. Decriminalisation would be pleasant.. And practical.


I'm old and I remember the 'DS' (drug squad) in the 70's in Bris - like Nazi GESTAPO of WW2.. Bad criminal like behavior from the QLD police under the administration of the day. I find police much more polite these days. Most cops have friends who use pot, and some cops do so themselves.

I'd be new at growing too but I've had so many little patches over the years I'd be lying ha ha. Had a nice little patch burnt out on Moreton Island years ago when a big fire was started by the idiots at a resort burning their rubbish. We used to put a fish under the plant (a dead one ha ha ) for nutrient... Now I'm gonna try n get some quality seeds - Just want a dozen or so. It's not easy in a new area- And trusting people you don't know is somewhat difficult. So hopefully with a few more posts I'll be less a 'STRANGER'

Cheers All


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Im new aswell and also intend on getting some seeds and having a go. Mainly for recreational purposes such as the agricultural benifit and they sheer curiousity i have for growing marijuana but of course smoking it when it has flowered is alway a little insentive. I cant wait to smoke marijuana that i grew. Im sure its the most satisfying feeling in the world


Anyway welcome to the gang

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