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Alotta shit.



So Ive been smoking for about maybe 6 months and for a girl my age and size I can smoke a fair amount. The other day though my buddy who I usualy smoke wiht got me some bud. His step dad grows it somewhere and its usualy fairly good but lately its benn a little below par. But the stuff he got me on monday was fucking amazing. It was just harvested on sunday and it was the strongest stuff I have ever smoked. I dont smoke tabacco so i dont smoke poppers I jsut do weed bowls so I decided it would be a wonderful idea to pack myself a giant weed bowl. I have neer been so high. Someone could have like rubbed my thigh and it would give me pleasure haha.


Just to inform those who care about my username its also my nickname. I dye my hair bright red so people call me that, And they started calling me that because when I take a hit from the bong I always blush.


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Be careful you don't build up a big tolerance being a pot-pig!

I have many friends who need obscene amounts of smoke to get a hit...

I use very little and smoke with other herbs as 'spin' (not tobacco)

do some research into ways of administration (vaporisers etc vrs bongs (unhealthy) pipes and joints

Take care of you - Some of us old farts care :peace:

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