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and we're away...

Innocent criminal


Got a heat mat over the weekend, so I took the apical off each of my 7 indoor seedlings, the parent plants will be flipped for sex, then the fem clones used for mums. considering letting a couple of males go and gathering some pollen to make some seeds as well.

Clones are in Jiffy pellets, sitting on a bed of perlite with a clone dome over the top and heat mat underneath. They are sitting at one end of my cab with a 20w cfl over them.


My outdoors plants are going great as well, 15 thriving out bush (been there a week) and 12 more to go out sometime soon.

Also got 6 seeds descended from my purple strain germinating in jiffy pellets. Will clone these for sex and some mums as well, when they are ready.


Ordered a 220w cfl from ebay yesterday, will use it in the cab to veg out mums.





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