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Innocent criminal


nothing new to report, clones are looking good, taken 5 days ago this evening, a couple had a bit of wilt earlier in the week (too warm I think), the layer of damp perlite and extra misting fixed that.blogentry-15537-1225928688_thumb.jpgblogentry-15537-1225928149_thumb.jpg

single sati dom is still a bit limp


Parents are scruffy but will give more clones if these fail, and I can keep the clones and flip the parents.


12 BS look good, look to be typical 50/50 hybrid, ready to go bush on sunday arvo I hope.



6 purple seeds still not popping up, but its been pretty cold, so another day or two I guess.


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Sorry to say but those plants look cold over feed and starving for light.

Why not use a bank of fluorescents,seems to me the light would be more evenly spread and those bulbs could be used during flowering to add light.

It also looks to me like you may be getting plant food on your leaves this will cause large burnt spots on the feeding side of the plant .The burnt tips is likely from over feeding.


I would turn that box on it's end and stand 2- 4ft fluorescents in 2 corners and mount those light bulbs you already have on the top.(which is the side of your box now)-just an idea.

This would cure your heat problem and add internods to your plants which inturn adds to a more bigger and heavyier harvest.

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Like I didnt know all that ^_- , this was experimental from the start, seeing how basic I could go and still get cloneable plants. These plants have been vegged out under 78w (2xflouro, 2xcfl) for most of their lives, most they had seen until I got this 220w cfl was 108w.

They were never intended to be flowered, they will be sexed and the females cloned again, the parent plants will then be ditched (one clone showed balls today, so it and its parent are gone, two are confirmed fem).

As for nute burn on the leaves, these plants have never seen enough nutes to burn em, let alone had it dry on the leaves, spots are from starvation, and spider mite. Their main problem has been the medium they are in, holds too much water, takes over a week to dry in between waterings.


Turning the cab on end and using the height would be good, if I could, but the space its in is only 1.3m high, the cab is 1.6 long. But thats cool, as my bloom room is only 1.4 high (take out space for light and pots/sys and it doesnt leave much), so low plants are a must anyway.


This cab was never meant for a serious grow, started it to fill in time while blooming in main room, and veg out some seeds over winter, if you look here, you can see I have now got serious about using it for a mother room....







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