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ok i was doing seedlings under my bed and then i moved them to my guys house then a week and a half later she freaks out and say get them the hell out of my house compleat reversail but oh well

so now they are back under my bed i raised it a few months ago 9 inches

its a queen size canopy black iron

it is about 2 feet off the floor bottom of matress to floor

what im thinking is i can just keep raising it every week or two

right now i have the floros hanging from chains attached to the bottom of my boxspring i took the thin layer of material off so you can see the wires without obstrucrion

whats the closest a 400 watt light can get to a plant is my question i would have a 12 desk fan going on it 24/7 and the plants would have a 12 inch swivling fan

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about 3 feet, you can get away with 2 if the enviroment is cold.....thats just from past experience :)



My 600watt lights are 20 cm away from my highest tips and I have no issues you will loose allot of the lumenens at 2-3 foot away , the key is good " in room" ventilation

particularly across the canopy as to wether you can grow under a bed , it's not very practicle at all but theorieticly you could grow verticil provided you could pump the heat out but really I would be usign a cooler light If you went for that choice

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ok once again how many fans would i need to cool a 400 watt that was 2 feet off my plants and also what is the best way to train a plant tiedowns going in the direction i want them in correct


heres my plan i am going to fill a under bed boxe with soil and have it grow along the carpet almost there would be something over the carpet of corse but what would be the best way to do that tie downs cut it in the right places i have no clue im thinking tie downs

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