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seed germination

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Hey everyone :P

Just wanted to know if the tech i used for outdoors would be a good 1 for indoors

What i normaly do is place some seeds into a small clear glass, fill about halfway with water and leave them in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight for about 2-3 days.

After that you can see about 3mm of it sprouting and is ready to be put into the planting medium.

is this way ok for indoors?


As ive found this way to be the most effective outdoors in not only speed of growth but also the health of the plant everytime !


thanks for your thoughts ;)

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if it works you should have no problems, germing is generally the same indoor and out.


but i would suggest you place the seeds in a spot that receives NO sunlight, as this is it's preffered germination condition. When you think about it, all your trying to do is replicate it's sprouting uinder the ground but in controlled conditions and there is no sun underneath the ground. Also if you live in a cold area, don't let the seed get too cold or it will be less likely to germinate.

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It's good to have a smaller fluroecent light box for seedlings and clones, so your not burning energy and bulb hours on small plants, remember to have light positioned high and gradually lower when tranfering to larger cycle. This way you can also have a specified flowering bulb constantly on the go, once you've established a cycle :thumbsup

Also have heat mat in grow box, but not flower set up, cooler root zones better at that stage. Have fan extraction of flower setup go to grow box.

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