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My First DWC Grow

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I have been slowly getting all my gear together for my little stealth setup that'll be operational soon.


Initially I was planning on using a regular old recirculating system, but after realising that I don't have all that much space to play with, I have decided to go with the DWC method instead.


I'm just after some pointers on things to watch out for using this method, as it seems it's a bit harder to get right than other methods. I have read heaps on this site and others about various DWC setups but they never seem the same, I guess I just want to know where the heck I should start.


Any help greatly appreciated.

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DWC is IMO the best system you can do . Its not a compomise system even though it is very easy . Check out pipemans and my grow for some dwc action , alhough mines still in progress 1 week into flower .


DWC has some major advantages -


Easy and cheap to build and scales well

Low nutrient levels needed . many say to use 1/3 , 1/2 nute levels

high oxygen avaliability means faster growth rates

little or no medium


there are some disadvantages , in a small system you will have to maintain it at least weekly as you will have to refil the water . you couldnt go on holiday and leave it . Other systems would probalby be more suitable for very large commercial level grows also . water temp in the buckets is also important , to hot or to cold prevents oxygen transfer . that could be a problem in hot areas .


essentially my flower setup is 4 20l buckets with lids , from bunnings about 12$ each .


some silver duct tape to light proof them , wrap a couple of layers around the buckets and lids . light promotes algea which use oxygen so they have to be light proof .


an aquarium air pump , ive got an aqua one - sr12000 4 outlet pump , one for each bucket .


4 10 inch ceramic airstones . the bigger the better . these ones are weighted to stay on the bottom and the ceramic ones dont break down over time like sandstone .


4 4inch net pots with expanded clay balls . cut a hole in the lids to fit the pots and in they go . fill the buckets with water and nutes .


thats it , thats a dwc system there . some buckets and air pump . doesnt get much easier .


if you to get slightly more complex then you set up a CONTROL BUCKET .


get some rubber hose from the hydro store and drill 1 hole in each bucket for the hose . put the hose in each bucket at the bottom of the bucket . use a couple of T piece hose joiners to connect all the hoses together . leave 1 bucket with an intact lid , no plant goes in it but put and air pump feed into it , the water needs to be airated too . This is the CONTROL BUCKET . as all the buckets are now connected gravity means that the level on all will be the same . if you fill or emtpy the control bucket they will all fill or empty . cool heh !


but you dont need to go that far , it just makes it a bit easier . some buckets and an air pump is all you have to have to start .


good luck !


heres my system


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see another dwc convert !


ive got a dwc veg system like indoors , with a big storage container and 4 pots . the only problem with that is seperating the plants can be difficult as the roots get all entangled and damaged when you seperate them . thats why i use it for veg and go seperate when they get bigger .


if your growing from clones not as much an issue although you might need to remove a sick or hermi plant still . lots of people recomend 1 plant per container for this reason .


but anyway its still good and you can see that mindbender is awesome so just go with whatever dwc system you like and youll be extemely happy

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post-820-1119621510_thumb.jpgyep another convert for sure.i switched from recirc to dwc about 18mths ago and will never change to anything else.all you need is a light proof container with lid ,net pots and air and the grow is on.can be made from basically any container with enough volume.stick to the principles of it and you can build a dwc system for next to nothing.it doesnt necessarily give bigger yields but veg growth is awesome.


my first dwc grow.bronzewhaler 3 weeks from germ.not tipped or fimmed.

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