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Best time for introducing co2

Guest elefunk_delivers

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Guest elefunk_delivers

Sup ppls... i was just wondering when is the best time to do produce co2, in the beer yeast method..?

my plants have just bounced into flowering and the buds r slowly forming, its been one week already..


and also if i decide to use a budding addative eg: big big

whens is the best time to put it into my mix..

pls note this is the 2nd week of flowering approching..

and do u have any suggestion on buddin mixtures.. that i can throw in with my canna flores..


much respect :)

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co2 is useful through all stages, but most useful in flowering. If you're meking it cheap, then use it all the time, but only when the lights are on. If you use it in the dark your plants will show a bit of yellowing. Release it up high in the growroom, or better yet use a fan to distribute it. co2 is heavier than air and will settle around the roots without circulation, suffocating the little buggers. It also brings up temperatures, so keep an eye on them if using hid's. Flouros don't get hot enuff to worry. Check out co2 enricha's site for an alternative to the yeasty sugarry mix it up yaself stuff.

Good growing.


(A plant with fresh air often smiles)

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