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Free humidi - crib

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Hey :detective2:

If your looking for free "humidi -cribs" give these a shot.

Courtsey of Macca's - frozen Coke container from the kid's meal. Couple of holes in the bottom for drainage, premium seed raising mixure and their off!

The seeds were germed in damp paper towel, they sit on the window sill during the day and under a flouro at night. These Shiva Shanti 2 are less than a week old.


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Love it SJH ... why waste your hard earned when you can scrounge the things you need ... I'm always looking at every day things and sussing out where I could put them to use in the gr ... some call it being tight ... I call it being smart :gun2:


Wish you all the best for the grow ... maybe a quarter pounder or two :devilred:


Tugboat :detective2:

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I still maintain that coke designs its bottles to be easily converted into bongs.


Good tip there SmokinjarHead, another way of creating a cheap humidicrib is to cut the base off of a 2L soft drink bottle, and place this on the top of the soil/media when planting out seedlings or cuttings. The cap becomes the vent, which as the plants germinate or root can be removed to "harden off" the babies.


btw, I wouldn't advocate having a humidicrib on top of a seedling much past the first day of showing it's first true leaves. Otherwise the humidity is too high, and this can encourage stem wilt and other problems like stretching seedlings.


Great idea though, and it's always good to think about such easy methods of recycling and reusing things around the home for propogation. :devilred:


Just thought of another option, which is to have a few skewers inserted in the edge of a pot, and a plastic bag held up over the plants. Holes can then be torn into the bag near the top as the plants develop, lowering the humidity. :detective2:

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