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White widow x skunk??UPDATE!!!!!

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post-5584-1114830936_thumb.jpgHey all stoners,


A update on my wwxskunk, as it is my first grow any advice would be good.


Its now 4 weeks and 5 days, how much bigger do you think it will get?


Heaps and heaps of crystal, you can barely see some off the smaller leaves!!! also starting to go redy brown, How many weeks does it take to mature this strain if ne one knows? Got it aimd for bout week 7 might go week 8, what do you think?


the bud is about 8 to 9cms, very fat on the base.

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Get yourself a pocket microscope or a 30x ( or so ) loupe. Check the trichromes ( the crystals ), they start out clear, then go cloudy as the plant approaches max potency, then start turning amber as the potency begins to decrease.

The best time to harvest is when there is just a few amber trichromes, but most are cloudy. :o


EDIT - If youre only almost 5 weeks in, then theres a good chance your colas will almost double in size....... :reallyexcited:

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