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(TurboTank System) Help


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ello ppl lol


Ive just got my self a turbotank, its under 400w growlush bulb 3 exhaust fans a 150mm and the other 2 are 4" 2 on right 1 on the front of the duct and the 150mm in the middle of the duct the other 4" on the left for the intake i got slotz near the floor so air can be pulled throw still need a cirulating fan... air tempz around 27c-25c lightz on - 22c-20c lightz off, water temp is 25c-26c with heater on



Growbox with door closed




Growbox with door open




4" Exhaust fans , shade and growlush globe




150mm Exhaust fan the connects to the left 4" fan with ductin, the other end of it gose to the side of the growbox




thats wat the turbotank looks like, u put 3" growool cubez in there




with led off.... normaly a root mat would be in there 2 , ( those the water level look right?)




pump timer and (heater or fan) timer




digi timer for the lights and ballast


and a cupboard full of additives


http://images5.theimagehosting.com/DSC00045.6.JPG :thumbsup


any tips on a system like this would be usefull or any way i can improve my grow :blink:

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lol i just got it there so itz closer to the window, i dont use the mircowave, but yer it dose look abit dodgy were it is :blink:, heres some info on the turbotank


The Turbo Tank is a Wide Gully Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) System that has a 350 mm wide gully to allow very high oxygen levels at the plant's root system and to allow enough space for the roots to grow into a huge root mat without damming. Because the Turbo Tank has it's own built in large reservoir it sits on the floor and has no return plumbing. Therefore the Turbo Tank NFT Hydroponic system is a very attractive system that allows an unparralled rate of growth with no complicated parts that have the potential to go wrong.

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do you have problems with heat? in the steel surround. it looks like a simple yet effective small setup its hard to see fine detail from the pics but little things you may want to take on.


insulation. depending on space


if you turned the shade the other way would you achieve a beter spread of light ?


also you could direct your ducting to cool your shade at the same time as venting the box.


and :detective2: to me if you want but you could put a small closet on top and hide the ducting and put the ballast in there at the same time (" makeing sure it wont heat up") it just seems silly to me to go to all that effort consealing the system then leaving the other stuff out and about.



:thumbsup two thumbs up for simplicty

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A mate used a turbo tank for years, he has since switch to one of my flood and drain setups.

But he never had any problems and it grew just as good as any other system.

The main thing is Use h202 and make sure you have a good Nutrient pump.

Because if the pump fails it will kill your plants really quickly.

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Watch your nute temps too, NFT systems are susceptible to problems if your water temps get too high.


Your water should be making an even film across the base of the system, which can be helped a bit with some nutrient matting. You should have got some of this with the TT when you bought it if it was new. You could always pick some up yourself from a hydro shop though if it was 2nd hand. This ensures that there is a constant, and thin layer of nutrient solution across the base of the root zone, which is critical in an NFT system.


Personally, I think they suck, but that's me. Make sure you use clones in these babies, they're not designed for use with seed grown plants, and are really best suited to small plant growth methods, with more plants grown for shorter times. :detective2:


Hope that helps.


p.s. I would also just go with a single, strong vent fan, possible a second pulling air from above the bulb, but really you only want the one. You'll have to join all those ductings up to a single outlet at a later stage if you want to use a carbon filter. :devilred:

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