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Pollen longevity

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I have my own opinions on this subject, gained through experience, but I'd like to hear from others who have similarly gained knowledge on the subject of; how long does Cannabis pollen remain viable after release from a mature male flower?



This link maybe of some interest.





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I think it's not that long, although environmental conditions are the number one determinant afaik. The wetter the shorter, the hotter the shorter the lifespan. Wet pollen is quickly destroyed by fungi, whereas cold, dry pollen, such as that collected and kept in a freezer with some dessicant and careful packaging, is almost immortal, surviving in some cases, (if it's a good cold freezer below -10c) for hundreds of years. Of course some will die out, the weaker pollen gametes will reduce the pollens effectiveness over time, much in the same way as seeds do, but viability is largely determined by how cold/dry and long they've been stored.


I've used pollen for a cross which was kept from a male plant in the butter compartment of the fridge, not the freezer, and the pollen was collected more than a year before the female was pollinated. :blink:

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