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I have 2 - 5gal buckets

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I have Two 5-gal buckets , i need a simple compressed setup of the best thing to do,

the place is in my closet ,moderately big closet.


Would like to produce a nice amount of high potency buds for not alot of money ya know.!


I want basic setup and lights,that's it. Maybe a Drawing would be nice also!


Thanks! :thumbsup :thumbsup :smoke :smoke

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Guest Eikel

Hi m0dr0b3s,


Your question is one with many answers.

There are several "types" of basic setup, some more complex than others.


Lighting is easy to answer, for a cupboard grow, go with a 400w HPS light. The 400 watters are easier to keep cool than any of the large lights. If you can, get a "Son-T-Argo" bulb and a "Super"-ballast, that will provide you with a better light spectrum for your plants.


Now, onto the main question: What system are you going to grow with?


The easiest system for newbie growers is to use something simple like CoCo or Soil, if you really want you can use a reticulated setup with a "neutral" medium such as Clayballs or Perlite.


Have a read of the following threads and come back once you've made your decisions and have some-more detailed questions for us to answer:


- Pipeman's first grow.


- Instink's first grow.


- Allhail's questions about his setup.


- Luke's thread on a Retic Hydro setup.


Hope this helps!

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