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Idiot in the house,

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Hey I just tried getting some of that microkill stuff but its a spray??

was there another one that goes in the res??


Anyways Im getting pissed off burning my fingers etc with oxyplus(h202) which is what I have always used. Bar the one time I tried pythoff.


I brought Dutch master Guardian.


Anyways my stupid stupid brain read it as 4 mls per litre, BUT its not its 2 mls per 10 litres.

eg- I used put 120mls in 50 litres. :rolleyes:


yea I know fucking idiot, but I had just put some bloom additive in as well and it was 2 mls per litre.


Anyways what can I expect? will this high level of mono kill the plants, or it wont bother them??


Should I dump and flush and refill, I would rather not as I changed the res last night??


anyways has anyone had experiance doing this sort of dumb thing or am I the only dickhead around thats done it??

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