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Very stale air in grow room, need co2?

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Hey guys... this will be one of my last questions before I begin growing :D


I'm planning on having my cabinet in a medium/large underground area of my house. its basically just dirt and pipes down there, with no ventilation or fresh air possible


I've been worried obviously about air supply to my plants... I mean even the intake fan/duct will be just intaking old, crappy air.... Would getting my plants the right amount of good air simply be a matter of getting some sort of carbon dioxide system (maybe some of those tablets or something that dissolve into the air)?




Is co2 _all_ the plants need from the air, if they are fed properly? I'm really worried about the air in there... Maybe a negtive ion generator? There will also be an ozone generator in there. thanks!

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would cost a bit but go for an aditional source of carbon dioxide somethign cheap like home brew kits are alright to cover the job , and possibly a small air conditioner/purifyer to cool and clean tha stale outside air those two together would solve your issue completely , ( your next issue will be heat if you don't somehow get it out of there which is why I chucked the ac in there )


, when goign down there daily you should leave the door open a while and allow new air to travel in at least the combination of it all should provide you with a great growing environment



I am assuming because you would have read the rules here your an unfourtunate over 18 person still liveing at home that beign the case I would level with your folks, you will get caught buy your folks and you will get in more shit if you don't level with them now , and you would be suprised how many parents are ok with it , in your case it could save you allot of cash aswell :D







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Trust me, moving out is seriously on the cards


And yes i'm over 18, early 20's


There will be an ozone generator in there, plus i'm thinking maybe some of those co2 blocks that last a short time and keep replcing them.. plus a neg ion generator.. surely that setup could create breathable air even in space??? :D

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Well I dont have a way to test it but the room (if you can call it that) has no air movement apart from my comings and goings, and smells pretty stale in there. though that could be the dirt/sand floor



Actually it will probably be ok how it is, just need air movement...

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Your plants NEED either a fresh supply of CO2, and exceptionally good aircooled or watercooled shades, (which either requires a vent fan or very large tanks of water for the latter) or you can just exchange the air with an exhaust fan.


There is no "optional" ventilation, most plant rooms will skyrocket in temp and humidity levels unless the air is regularly exchanged. Using HID lamps you should move all the air out within 5 minutes, under 1 is better if you can.


CO2 regulation and equipment is hard and expensive. To reasonably set yourself up and supply the plants with the required co2, and this isn't taking into account the heat and humidity generated by the plants, you'll have to work out a way to remove that too, cost upwards of 1000 bucks more like 2. There are some products out there like sodium bicarbonate mixed with muriatic or other acids, which when you add water releases co2, but the amounts required for reasonable levels, as well as the fact that it's going to be gone almost instantly, with any reasonable ventilation, makes it kinda pointless except maybe for clones or small motherplants. Even then it's not economical to make a real dent in the levels above 300ppm.


So yeah, I'd suggest thinking a little laterally, and trying to vent the hot, humid air from the growing space out and away, (smell will be an issue) and have some kind of intake down low to allow fresh, preferably cool and clean air through the grow space. This is really hard to emphasise, but fresh air for temp/humidity reduction and co2 levels is one of those major limiting factors, meaning that you could have everything else perfect, with no ventilation, the plants will never produce, and will suffer greatly for it.


You'll work it out I'm sure.


Considered just keeping a small seedling box @ home with minimal ventilation via a small computer fan, then planting outdoors somewhere as a guerilla grow? That way you won't be risking your olds necks either. :D

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