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Is this early stage Botrytis/Bud rot?

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Hi. First time post.


Presuming the worst but hoping all is not lost.

Harvesting and noticing browning areas on the bases of what I’m assuming are the glumes perhaps? It doesn’t appear to be very infested yet to the naked eyes, but I’m assuming it’s only a matter of time. Can any one tell me if this is botrytis, and that in this early stage is it still salvageable?







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Looks like it to me too Otis.

Very salvageable. Separate the mouldy bits from the good bits. Not sure how you dry yours but good airflow in a dry environment will help. If you have big dense buds you suspect are affected then breaking them up into smaller pieces will reduce the risk of it continuing on it's merry way during the drying & curing process. I deal with some mould every year but this year is a little worse imho.

Best of luck.

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