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Stage 4 cancer and I think I've been ripped off.



Hi there everyone!



I feel bad about writing this but I'm at a loss as what else to do.


I have stage 4 cervical cancer and I wanted to buy RSO as I'm not 'yanno'ed' and because I won't 'yanno' they're refusing to offer me treatment or debulk/ remove the cancer until I'm..'yanno'ed'.


That leads me to stumbling on a website based here in OZ that sells RSO....you can probs guess where this is heading...right?


I have NEVER been in this community before and I have never brought product and I have NEVER brought bitcoin or used bitcoin to buy anything ever

and I did both to buy the advertised RSO.


Well......I was wanting feed back on if I did the transaction correctly and all I get is crickets.  I tried to use their contact drop down box twice.

I rang their contact number 4 times.  I got no text messages back or a e-mail.


This web-site apparently sells other products and has the 'feel' of a legit storefront.


The money aside...what I don't have is any RSO.


I'm pretty much resigned to the fact I may have to try to grow my own medicine on a almost zero budget and under a tight time crunch.


I live in a very built up area so outdoors can't happen.


I would ask the community for some advice and help please.





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Welcome to the site. Sorry to read that you have cancer. All the best.


No idea if you've been ripped off but I found a couple of sites that say they sell it. They look dodgy to me and I personally would not touch it. Such as this one;



There is a huge black market for CBD oil and related products. Some of those same outlets also sell THC products but they don't advertise it on their website. I would not like to say which ones do this on here, and I don't know if you can send me a PM yet being a new member. If it was me I would contact the Nimbin Hemp Embassy via email. They take a day or so to answer but are pretty good. Explain your medical situation and they may be able to help. The Hemp Embassy are at least ethical. I never use bitcoin. The places I have purchased CBD oil from all take credit card. Any cannabis you buy in Australia will be expensive. There's also a facebook page, CBD reviews Australia which has good info on which places are legitimate. They may be able to help with advice on how to obtain RSO but will not help you obtain it. But bear in mind, this is illegal unless you are a medical user with a script.


Also this mob did a Netflix movie about supplying CBD in Northern NSW. They do supply CBD products and may be worth email and having a phone consultation



The other thing you can do is go the legal route. This is quite easy but expensive. in my opinion this is your best bet. There is a great thread here about medical access, but to be honest this site is a ghost town at present. You are better with online research. Probably shouldn't say this but many members here have gone to another Aussie cannabis site, Serrated Edge, so might be worth joining.



As far as growing your own, it's pretty easy but takes a lot of time to get enough to make oil. You also need seeds. Plenty of online information plus on this site.


Good luck.

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I'm really sorry to hear about your situation, both your cancer diagnosis and also on getting ripped off. 


It is, of course, your choice to refuse to 'yanno', I wish you well and hope that you will reconsider your decision. Cannabis is a useful substance, but it is not a miracle cure for advanced disease. 

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