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LYRICA-The wonder drug that can really fuck you up big time


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Hi crew ,Just a   few line on  {LYRICA}.


About 20 yr ago one of my doctor put me on the wonder drug Lyrica,He told me that it was the new wonder drug that would not fuck me up or have any bad side effects.

Well that was one big load of bullshit.

After taking this Lyrica for about 1 week I told my doctor I was having bad side effects from it,Oh no that is not true he told me. =depression,/zoned right out /could not feel any pain.


I told him they seemed to have a bad effect on my nerves system an that I had squashed a few of my fingers with a large rock while mouveing it.My hand  was inside a pair of gloves an that I did not notice that I had squashed 2 of my large fingers an  did not notice this till blood had filled 1 of my gloves with blood an was leaking out of my glove.


He then dropped my dailey dose  from 300mg two times a day to  approx 200mg 2 times a day ,an after 2 weeks of takeing that amount I stopped taking Lyrica altogether ,F~!@#$%^&*CK that shit was killing me.


Luckly I did not seem to have any bad withdrawal effects  ,An I am sure that was due to the good old Cannabis .


I spoke with my pharmacist about the bad side effects from the Lyrica an he told me that it was bad sit to take.


This all happend about 20yr ago an last night on Tv they had a program on the poor buggers that lyrica had fucked up an was still F~!@#$%^&*cking up.Pfizer new all this an in the USA they took Pfizer  to court an busted them for there bullshit on this drug an a few other of Pfizer drugs.


I know that if I had kept on taking the Lyrica 300mg or any amount of that Lyrica I would not be here today telling you crew this story it would have killed me for sure.


I hope this story will help you make up your mind about Lyrica,.


Stick with the Cannabis crew at least it will not kill you ,An it dose help with nerve pain an a lot of other  illness.


All the best to you all an keep on vaping that weed or oil or what ever form of cannabis you have.



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And here's another post where I can only give ya +1, when I want to give ya +100.

I too had some nasty side effects on Lyrica. One of my Dr's stated to me 'We're not real sure how it works, but for some people it's a wonder drug, for others... ...not so much.' Seems I'm in the 'not so much' camp.

But that line of 'We're not real sure how it works...' that's a real concern IMHO.

There was a new 'wonder drug' type of sleeping tablet that came out a while ago, then they started getting 'Adverse Effects' reports. People falling asleep behind the wheel in the middle of the day, losing hours and having some awful high high's and some awful low low's etc. Under a recent review it has been listed as  '...no longer be considered the safe alternative to other drugs...' it can be a NASTY drug for some.



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Yeah , I was at a pain clinic thing run by the hospital, that woman was there and I actually spoke to her after the meeting


This was 5 or so yrs ago now , there was a big push for medical marijuana, which the pain specialist dismissed, and how bad the lyrica shit was , which he denied and talked up


I got lyrica sitting there, they act like speed when I take them , doesn't do anything for my pain


But if I need to get something done Or go fishing for 12hrs I take a few ,keeps me awake and active


I can't take them at night because as I said they are just like taking a line of speed , I won't get to sleep


I had to go to pain specialist on Monday, fortunately I also get opium patches which do work to a point , she asks me are you still taking your lyrica, I tell her want she wants to hear , yes of course I am otherwise the threatens to take away the patches , they work together she says


Well I know that's bullshit


Fortunately or unfortunately, whichever way you look at it , my only true vice is weed , probably couldn't give it up but hey I don't want to


But I seem to able to not fall into addiction for lyrica or the patches, yeah I can go without the patches, I just can't move that's all



Lyrica I suppose is my energy drink which I use very rarely



I think a lot comes down to the person's situation , that can play a role in their decent


Again unfortunately most of the ppl at that seminar were already at a bad place the lyrica finished the job


What really stuck out that when these ppl realised they had a problem real help wasn't accessible or they just didn't know where to go to receive it




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Hi Merl & micmac,


On my last visit to that doctor20yr ago,I asked that doctor if he new of any bad side effect from the Lyrica an he told me.Look Dingo there is no bad side effects from Lyrica.


So I asked him had he ever taken the 300mg tabs of Lyrica,He replied with a big { NO}so I asked him if he had ever taken 300mg of Lyrica 2 times a day = 600mg per day.


 I told him that I have a few in my sholder bag an that he should try a few tabs an see what they can do for you.


That was the last time I ever made an appointment with that pain management specilist what a F~!@#$%^&*ING TOOL KIT he was.


It really is strange that them doctors will not even take any of the same shit they write scripts for. :puppet: :sick  Doctors pulling your strings an feeding you tasty bullshit. :crap: .



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Hello fellow medical users.

Just 2 cents worth, for what its worth.

Wife suffers chronic arthritic joint pain, tried every thing available including coxhib family, taken off when found to cause heart probs.

LYRICA touted as new miracle drug for chronic pain, within days of taking, she fell over on walk. Didn't trip, level path, and the next day, and the next day.

I had already googled it for rec use, always happy to try new stuff. Rec dose 200mg, had slightly dissassociative, brain fog effect. Interesting I thought. Couple more doses, before breakfast, over next few days. More or less same effect. Then I fell over. Just walking thru the yard, and fell over. WTF is going on here I thought. (correlation or causation?).

I have a background/interest in Psychiatry/psychology/psychopharmacology, going back to the late 60's, when I worked in that field with Stella Dalton et al at Wisteria House.

Went back to google looking at neuro pathways, especially interference with cranial nerves, and concluded that it corrupts or blocks proprioception; abilty to sense our place in space, or spatial awareness, or even more simply the abilty to stand upright.

Stopped drug, stopped falling over.

There was absolutely no warning signs or sense of something wrong. One second upright, next second on ground, very very unsettling.

Google side effects, very nasty stuff.

Bye the bye, we don't really know how drugs work. We can see that they effect this thing or that, bind to this receptor or that, appear in this part of the body or cell, but like consciousness or sleep, existentialy we know NOTHING.

Unless you have religion, then of course, you know EVERYTHING. (False fixed beliefs=psychosis)

Happy vaping chums.

I'm just a dumb pup.

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And here's a prime example:-


In this topic alone we have 4 different people with 4 different reactions to the stuff. That alone should be sending up warning signs to the prescribers. Even in just reading the paperwork/adverse effects sheet they have in the box is scary enough. and they dole this stuff out like it's candy. Sure for some it maybe beneficial, of the 15 or so I alone know of, only one agrees it's been the miracle he was promised. 1 out of 15, those ain't got odds


I agree Micmac, some of the bullshit we have to go through to maintain some type of "Normal" is often beyond a joke. Just tell them what they want to hear, it's easier. "Yes sir. No sir. Whatever you say SIR..." Then we manage the best way we can for ourselves. I too attended one of those pain clinics, great talk fest, but sweet all use to me. I've already trialled their 'alternatives'. Telling me how to manage my pain via a textbook...'Ohhh fuck off'. 'The book says "x"...' But I'm not in your fuckin textbook. As I've said to others "Now, they've put me in the 'Too Hard' basket, which just makes me a basket case (as if we didn't know that already lol )"



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Hey Merl1n, I think we've discussed Lyrica previously.


There's nothing like feeling like you are near blackout drunk, bumping off the walls with the world spinning... especially when you've only had one stubbie (and no, not a Darwin stubbie).


I've never been a big or frequent drinker, but I have to say, it's nice to be able to enjoy a half glass of merlot without worrying that I am going to spend half the night vomiting.


It's also nice to not be tripping over my own feet and being able to walk through doorways without clipping the the door frames. It's very nice to have said goodbye to Lyrica.

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