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Info needed on this company Cannabis Growing Australia


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Here's their WhoIs page, do some googling of the organisation and Brian and make up your own mind based off of that




Seems a bit weird to me that a non-profit organisation has registered a seed selling business but I don't have the time to dig deeper because it's not something I care too much about.


Good luck in your search

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Yes I was hoping there would be some user feedback by some more experienced growers. Reviews on the website are only new with no full grows.  I'm presuming the owner breeds these himself, not a reseller.


I got some seeds from there for what is my first indoor grow.  Quick delivery, friendly service, but they were really nothing special to look at,  Came in a plain ziplock bag with a handwritten label stuck on.  very small, pretty light coloured.  4 of 5 germed though pretty quick, all 4 kept up for a fortnight then 3 just stopped, and to this day are still tiny pissy little things. they still look like 2 week old sick  plants.


The fact only 1 of the 4 is growing very well, thriving in fact, with no problems whatsoever make me wonder about the stabilty and quality of the genetics of this particular strain anyway.  They only sells about a dozen varieties all the classics I suppose.

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