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Shiva X (Nimbin Medicine) Strain

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Happy Lockdown Monday People!


I’m hoping someone can help share some light on a strain I’ve been growing and working for a few years now. I purchased the beans from Aust Cannabis University labeled as Shiva X. When I asked I was told it’s referred to as “Nimbin Medicine” by northern NSW residents. A high thc low cbd variant.

It’s definitely got a lot of skunk in it. Long large open calyx buds but stacks very nicely from top to bottom. 10-12 weeks (late May / June)! Once committed will flower outdoors all year round so a great outdoor growers variant. Very uniform in structure and growth (extremely vigorous in veg ). Smells vary dramatically from plant to plant. Everything from sweet pineapple and mango through to Chinese noodles. 50% have blue or purple hues to the buds. A high % are mango leaning and remind me of early 90s weed in Sydney. Not super strong (I’d say mid teens thc).

Any info, suggestions or rumours are welcomed on this strain [emoji16].

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The problem with cannabis at this point is alot of the stuff we see on the shelves at current is bottlenecked lines of unknown origin.

What I mean by that is cannabis has been hybridized over thousands of years there are not many TRUE strains at all.

And through the early 00's the Dutch seedbanks through a bunch of dud genetics into the market.

So now there are literally MILLIONS of strains that are the same cross but a different phenotype being sold or advertised as a true breeding line.

It's impossible to tell what you have based upon morphology, chemovar, genotype and then phenotype.

So just because some dodgy Aussie seed bank sold you shiva X does not make it shiva at all possibly.

"Skunk" is gone, so it's definitely got no skunk in it.

People are trying to find those things that made skunk, but we specifically bred those things out of cannabis FOREVER POTENTIALLY during the drug war.

Growing a strain line Chem or skunk was literally a prison sentence it would light your whole block up like a beacon.

I don't mean to come across disheartening and I hope what you have is what you ordered but the reality is that the seed game is hard.

Just because somebody sells "girl Scout cookies" if you don't have the "elite clone" and you don't have the male and female plant that made that cut then you don't have girl Scout cookies.

You have some shitty seeds that some shitty breeder threw together containing the same genomic information but without the phenotypical expression of that specific plant, you could grow it 400 times and you still wouldn't have grown anything like the real GSC because you never started with ANY of the genetic potential required to bring out that specific cultivar.

PS skunk came from an Afghan cross, there's no open bud structures there.

Sorry for the long reply I tried to explain it as simple as I could, hope it sheds some light on your situation.

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Disheartening to hear but I do not disagree with anything you’ve said. I keep trying to find old shit like I grew up with in the 80-90s. I can’t find or replicate anything like what I grew up with. Not even close. Doesn’t exist from what I’m seeing. I had a long long hiatus from weed and upon my return quality of flower bag appeal has gone up but quality of high has gone way way down. Is it just me or does every plant smell the same now?

Nothing had names back then so I had no idea what anything was. But the variance and quality of high was gigantic back then. It was either “hydro” (afghanis normally) “bush” (mainly sativa but could be ANYTHING),or “import” (Lebanese blonde and red block hash, Thai/stick, Laos, Vietnamese). The outdoors sativas were unbelievable at times. It almost always looked terrible, airy and leafy but ripped your head apart. It was all from Hunter or Northern rivers but occasionally interstate or NSW inland Bush.

I’ve been wishing old stock from those areas/times but as you’ve mentioned above, it’s a futile exercise that likely can’t be replicated easily, if at all.



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