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Butter makers

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Hi all, I have been wondering about those butter makers you see for sale in hydro shops

Has anyone got 1 used 1 any good or bad comments,, and can you just make oil in them,, I was hoping to make some high CBD oil where could have a couple drops anytime,,, but can't smoke anytime,, I'm not sure if that's the way the oil works it is all new to me so any assistance greatly appreciated



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Don't need the magic butter machine to make oil , its not really for that


Use the machine to make butter , green dragon


You can use it to blend oil with coconut oil etc ,


I have 1 and love it when I make the above


I make a full extract coconut oil using one , many uses for this and you can make it weaker or stronger to suit your needs, personally I prefer a full extract instead of oil for medical reasons


Oil can be very strong so be careful how much you take at first


Oil is made using pure alcohol, rinsed through weed then the alcohol is evaporated out using heat or you can just let it evaporate naturally leaving the oil


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