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Registering Legalise Cannabis Parties in all States

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We are over the moon about the two Legalise Cannabis WA candidates who won seats in parliament. Hopefully the result will sharpen the focus on the seriousness of cannabis law reform as an issue.

There are many related issues that need addressing in each state including convictions given to patients and personal users who self supply and random roadside drug testing regimes looking for presence rather than impairment.

Both LCQ and LCWA were formed and registered in their respective state within weeks of announcing their intentions. Legalise Cannabis will continue registering parties to contest state elections. Already NSW, VIC, SA and TAS are in progress.

You can be a member of both the HEMP Party and the Legalise Cannabis Party in your state.

We are all in this together and neither Party has rules to the contrary, so if you are a member of HEMP (a federal only Party) please join Legalise Cannabis in your state as well.

NSW & SA Members: Please be extremely vigilant when filling in the declaration of party membership form as it is the most important piece of the party registration process, and NSW Electoral Commission is very strict about compliance.

Please note that in NSW, the party name is;
Legalise (with an s and not a z) Cannabis NSW Party

The word Party, forms part of the name and must appear on your paper form. Your attention to detail could mean the difference between attaining registration or not.

If in doubt, please check your enrolment first. Fill in the form BY HAND using details exactly as they appear on the electoral roll.


Cannabis law reform will only be achieved if we organise and make the politicians take notice. Together we can advocate for positive policy reform relating to cannabis for both health and personal users.

Become a member of your state party; legalisecannabis.org.au

Gail Hester – Secretary 
Legalise Cannabis NSW Party


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