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Deoxycarbolisation methods

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Hello all.


Have a friend with crook lungs, cannot use Crafty vapouriser anymore and they want to try edibles.


I've had a quick look online, most want to involve magic butter machine.


Looking for best method to deoxy.


For many years I have always placed fresh picked herb in open pyrex bowl on top of just simmering water. Picked at 8am, ready to vape at lunchtime.


Have seen a tendency for using Sous-Vide @ 100 deg C. inside plastic cooking bag, vacuum or otherwise.

It seems more reliable than in an oven, needing to maintain correct temp without burning off.




Open in Pyrex bowl over water 2hrs plus till crispy dry?


Inside vacuum bag, in simmering water?


Inside oven proof bag, tied with string sitting on top of water, secured so as not to submerge and wet herb.


Any of the above with added butter?


Or, must be deoxyed before adding to just melted butter.


Final cook with other ingrediants not to excede 120 deg C.


Thanks for all opinions.



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3 / 12 / 2020



from the link above , in short , to convert THCa to THC =160c for 7 minutes 


you don't have to decarb b4 making butter you can decarb while baking a batch of biscuits 


you'll find lots of methods of making canna butter with minimal heat ( around 70c-80c ) 

once you have your infused butter weigh out 80g lots & store in the freezer 


pop down to coles & get Betty Crocker Salted Caramel cookie mix which requires 80g of butter & a egg to be added 

follow directions & once you have your cookie dough weigh it & divide into 24 not 12 as suggested in directions 


don't leave 24 balls of cookie dough on your baking tray , flatten them out to roughly 1cm thick , as they cook they will

flatten further , preheat oven to 160c then place your cookie dough / baking tray in the oven for around 7 min


the reason for using these cookies & not choc colored cookies is so you can see the cookies brown as they bake 

you want to pull the cookies out as close to 7 min as possible , my oven is not fan forced so i go over the 7 min to

around 9 min to get slightly browned crispy cookies 


once you've made a batch & tried them you'll have a much better idea of what you can do to get your cooking time

down to as close to 7 min as poss , that might consist of flattening the cookie dough further to say 0.5cm thick or splitting

the dough into 30 cookies not 24 , less dough per cookie or flattened thinner should need less cooking time


you don't want to go under 7 min cooking time but you want to minimize any cooking time over 7 min 

in saying that your oven might workout 8min gives you a better result , trial & error 


when trying them i would suggest split the cookie into quarters & eat only 1 quarter every 45 to 60 min 

just so you don't OD by eating too much too quickly , eating canna is allot stronger than smoking canna

& OD'ing from eating is not a pleasant experience  


once you know how strong your cookies are you can then adjust your consumption to suit yourself 

which might be a whole cookie or more at once without any adverse effects 


hope that helps 


ps , anytime you force dry cannabis the quality will degrade but that doesn't mean it won't get you high

although it could mean it won't get you high just depends on how forced the drying was 

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thx itchy ... now that is a pearler canna cookie recipe.


made me hungry mate.:)


it's so difficult to get a reliable and repeatable edible dosage method ... this one sorts out all the hassle in a delicious form.


i'm off to the supermarket.

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Just about to order the Ardent Fx from the States . Seen good reviews and demos from top 420 chefs and happy customers . It seems to be the chosen unit for decarboxilating weed before comparisons  of infusion devices are done as it apparently gets the most optimal consistent results . Below is a link to some decarb myths explained and it also addresses the use of the temps/times suggested by itchybromusic that I’ve also been guided by decaboxilating in my oven . The Ardent gadget is pretty expensive but I figure if you’re using it all the time it’s gotta be worth it over time . Besides you can cook muffins and other stuff in it too . My lungs are shot too , (cigarettes not bongs) trying vaping at lower temps , 190deg C on extreme Q as we speak , seems to be ok 


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