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Demon bug ID please?

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Hey folks,


Been noticing some patchy light trails about 2mm wide showing up over my leaves over the past few weeks, its a White Lightning, outdoors in central Vic and probably in its last 2 weeks of flower.


Started out on a few of the lower shade leaves but spread across most of the bigger leaves now. Plant had been sprayed with a neem solution leading up to flowering but none for the last 8 weeks or so. Looks like little trails where whatever these bugs are have been tunnelling inside the leaves or eating it through from the underside. 



When I look on the underside of the leaves I can see some tiny bugs and eggs, can't really see them without the jewellers loupe but I tried to get a few pics nonetheless. Apologies for the blur, these things really are tiny!




Not too worried for now, I suspect ill be pulling it in the next week or so, just wondering what they are so I can possibly mitigate the issue before I go again next season. There is also a Vanilla Kush planted right beside it, they both went out the same time about 10 weeks ago but the Kush seems to be far less affected by the bugs strangely enough seeing as though they're hanging about a foot apart. I don't get a lot of time to spend on them so it kind of snuck up on me! 


Cheers folks! 



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Thanks mate, dang spider mites... I had a feeling.... I was a bit confused though as yeah the spider mites don't tend to leave the little trails to my knowledge so it had me a bit buggered! Thanks for the prompt advice :) need to go for a ladybug hunt...


Yeah not too concerned, its just good to pin it down so I know what I'm in for next time. Main thing now is, keep them out of the tent!


Cheers man much appreciated!



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The trails could also be leaf miners. A bug that gets into the leaf, yes into the leaf and munches on all that good sap. They are not really a problem. I would concentrate on getting rid of the spider mites. they are a more serious problem. That plant or branch near the brickwork looks like a couple of buds could have mold. If the darkened spots on the buds look dead or dying cut them off as it will be mold, try not to disturb the mold (if that is what it is) as the spores will spread. Or do nothing and take a closer picture of the dark spots and put the pics here so you can get opinions from others in here but it looks like mold to me.

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