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some promising news

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this one for me, comes down to a trust issue.


basically, from being a canna partaker for 40 years ... all the politicians, corporations and medical associations that are (let's face it) pushing these vaccines, are also the very people who have told me all my life that canna is bad for me and made sure that i have been classed a criminal for most of my life, because i disagreed with them. it is also interesting to collect data from sources from the beginning of c19 until the present. it wasn't that long ago that australians were advised by the australian cmo that masks were unnecessary.


if i was travelling to a country with a high incidence of polio ... i would be getting a jab in a second. the risk of adverse effects from the vaccine would be worth it, as a great deal of scientific research has been done over a fair amount of time, for a valid decision to be made.


at this stage ... after weighing up the situation in oz ... i think the money would have been much better spent making more emergency beds (and medical equipment) available, staffed by fairly-paid medical staff.


both israel and the uk should provide some interesting data on questions like:

Does the vaccine prevent or slow-down the spread of c-19?

Do vaccinated people become asymptomatic spreaders?

How effective is the vaccine in real-life situations?


hopefully more data will be become available soon.


until it does, i have decided to wait and see how this pans out.

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The easiest way to say it is this vaccine is gene altering, many have had negative life changing reactions and even a fair few deaths.
Now the truly troubling part is the fact that under 40's and even school children are being vaxed which means that if they got this all wrong, which we as humans we do make mistakes and considering we are basically currently in a world wide "clinical trail" of a vaccine of this type being used for the first time pushed for all ages means we have NO BACK UP plan.

lets just say 25% of the population under 40 that can pass on their genes are vaccinated, that means that the 75% of the population needs to avoid having a family with the 25% which is near impossible to those ignorant of the facts.

give it 20-40 years and those genes have passed on to just about every one so we are fucked, THERE'S NO GOING BACK


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 mRNA vaccines cannot alter DNA (mRNA) cannot enter the nucleus of a cell)

The person in the youtube link has been thoroughly discredited on this topic, here's a couple of examples








He won a "golden blockhead" award for pseudoscience https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldenes_Brett


The overwhelming majority of the people who best understand these vaccines cannot get one fast enough and in the interest of everyone's safety .... we should all get our information from reputable sources. for most people that would be their GP.

Youtube is not a place to seek medical advice, its full of very convincing misinformation.


I apologise if this seems snarky but please talk to a professional face to face if you have any concerns about vaccination.

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The problem is mate that the list of reputable sources is growing ever shorter. 

I live in a fairly small town and am by no means in the social loop yet i've spoken with 3 middle aged to elderly folks who have had moderate to severe reactions post covid jab. No medical expert will nor has verified this as being a direct result of the vaccine but that's to be expected.

If it quacks like a duck..........


Have the jab, don't have the jab, I could'nt give a flying fuck either way but i'll surely be glad when agenda driven media, clueless politicians and the public in general stop trying to ram it down our throats via any format available. 

I'm not getting it in the foreseeable future and i'd be guessing im not the only one. That's the beauty of a democracy (even one as flawed as Australia's), there are choices.




 .... we should all get our information from reputable sources. for most people that would be their GP.




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I am aware that some GPs may give advice contrary to the bulk of available evidence, they are outliers and its unfortunate that this has all become so politicized and our medical services undermined.

I am certainly not trying to ram anything down anyone's throat, just pointing out that the vast majority of the people who study and work with these things as a profession are eager to get vaccinated and get their family vaccinated,

The nurse in me just wants people to make well informed decisions and stay healthy.



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