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HELP My girls are going a funny colour

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I agree with SE on this one. Especially with the first image.

I'd suggest the stem has been damaged somehow, it doesn't take much, and it's been weeping inside the bud.

That weeping can cause mould as the moisture cannot get out of the dense bud.

The mould damages the stem even more causing more weeping, causing more mould.



Mould has spores, as soon as you open that bud and disturb those spores they can disperse through out the whole grow.

Better to Chop that bud, remove it away from the growspace (And intake vent), then open it up and investigate further.

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Hi guys


Please help


My beautiful girl looks burnt or something sinister ? attachicon.gifImage1615452844.278031.jpgattachicon.gifIMG_5821.JPG



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The first pic im not sure. Burnt from what possibly?

But the second looks like

Its going purple. [emoji4]

Had a few cold nights?

What strain.?? . Dark devil?



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