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Combo lighting.. with method. think different. Super duper THC.

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Some on here see the new LEDs, and some see the new CMH lamps, but I'm not convinced the new LEDs with only a white spectrum have the rich red or blue to really peak growth.


One method that growers these days rarely think of is hanging lights vertically.


Yes this method could be considered a waste of watts, but the results are great.


4x 130W dual spectrum CFLs with hangers no reflectors.


1x COB LED lamp suggest minimum two chips rated at 100W Each under locked by 50%. A 200w lamp usually rated at 250w-600w by crappy vendors.


Grow yo yos gonna need these.


In each corner of the tent suspend one CFL lamp vertically, you will need cable ties to secure the yo yos. The corners of the tent act as reflectors.


The LED suspended at top.


Theory behind this, most LEDs do not really offer a true full spectrum, people will argue until results are seen with stringy buds lacking somewhat. The issue with CFLs is they suck at intensity but they do offer a spectrum and have low heat, but the low intensity sucks... But put together... Bang...


The rich red and blue from LED combined with the dual spectrum CFLs really does crank out a good result in terms of quality, the low heat keeps oil evaporation low which is an issue to my understanding with HIDs. Plus a broad spectrum increases cannabinoid varieties. We are attempting to increase potency with low heat trying to keep at 25 degrees celsius or around.




We aren't going for quantity, we are going for quality.


It's suggested minimum size for this a 1x1m tent, and when growing restricted to **one plant**. It is suggested DWC, best container from bunnings the heavy duty boxes. No topping suggested due to position of lights super cropping not possible.


Nutrients you can use the basic budrite, growrite, a PK booster, silica, avoid the 'add bud product' or anything with PGRs lowers the THC, look at swell by cyco and supa sticky and RHYZO. If you don't have pythoff you will need it to stop root rot with DWC. You do not use pythoff for the entire grow as it will fuck the good bacteria needed for the sugars, every second or third week is good. if you want to cycle pythoff with liquid oxygen additive you can do that too.


Great white bacteria, this with the combo of supa sticky sends the shit off the rails. Liquid oxygen additive won't kill this.


Bud candy, use this before going into flower with great white, do not use in week 3 of flower when switching to supa sticky. Bud candy can be used in veg but stacked with supa sticky at the same time the leaves will claw.


Supa sticky has something in it non toxic which in week 3 flower when added in 24 hours you will see the flowers explode. Bud candy does not have this feature but does have sugars, and aminos not in supa sticky. No it does not make your crop smell like candy.


Veg on 24/7 with the LED, should prevent preflowers and major stretching, should only need to go to 18 hours for one week of veg should not over stretch. During this period you will want to be using the RHYZO product to reduce stress, and increase roots.


You can use a regular foilar spray during veg also.


During flower- UBER HI-Q, this product is gold and rarely spoken of for preserving oil increasing potency. It's a special type of vitamin C for foilar spray, follow instructions on bottle. Suggest not using regular foilar spray during flower- not needed.


HI-Q will retain potency by preventing oil evaporation, in combo with supa sticky jumping up the THC, this is a lethal combo.


Before harvest, 3 days of darkness, DO NOT FUCK THIS UP. the plant will produce a shitload of oil, will nearly fall over you will need yo yos or support. During the last few weeks of feeding switch out the supa sticky with bud candy or alternate each week or even go 1 third bud candy and 3 parts supa sticky.


Depending on how you do this it will effect flavor due to the aminos. We want a balance of potency and odour.


Dry slowly--- preference one chop bitch upside down. Do not use damp rid and do not use that crap to treat it after it's been chopped. Don't like the drying net racks fucks up the slow dry process kills cannabinoids.


BOVEDA BAGS, you will need this, cure in darkness, the BOVEDA tins work great. Cure for 1-3 months, burp now and then but darkness fucks off the chlorophyll. Throw a few dried leaves in to increase flavour and aroma.


When you get that rich almost coffee aroma you have done it, you should see the seed pods empty and swollen with resin.


This method has an extreme high odour risk when harvesting.


If your new at growing want to keep a low thermal image, low heat, and only doing for personal this is far safer than handling HID bulbs many newbies fuck up by handling bulbs incorrectly with HPS and HID and nearly burn the house down.


plus the intensity of HPS can be seen through the walls and roofs of houses with FLIR, unless you plan on dampening your infared profile by placing mylar bubble wrap with another layer of mylar on top I personally wouldn't go near HID. Hence why some premium grow tents have the mylar bubble wrap on top of the tent to dampen the infared.

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One plant depending on the res, recommend 20L bucket, can give 4-9 oz.


Considering this is a personal use method, not commercial, and we are going for maximum quality, I don't foresee disappointment.


People get overzealous and don't cure properly then complain about potency... Do it properly and you will feel that tingle up your spine and brain explode just like the first time you smoked.


The more BOVEDA packs the better per container. The more you have the less you burp the container, the more darkness, the faster it cures.

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Hence using pythoff every few weeks, liquid oxygen, and great white with RHYZO, if you treat the roots very well the breakdown of sugars with the aminos really brings out the smell. People swear by molasses, but actually just like brewing beer there's different sugars, and the beneficial bacteria could almost be viewed as yeast.

Don't waste your money with canna boost... If you can find guano that definitely worth looking into.

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