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I was prety sure that the date had been changed to coinside with thialands making it legal again , which will happen on the 4th or 5th or september next year , I am not suprised if shops are telling you jan still as it will clear out stock and perhaps that is when they are allowed to stock or order them in untill


personaly I 'd like to see most cops lable kratom as kratom cause when I was done they walked passed my ethno garden without a seccond look at the plants which in my opionion was pretty stupid of them to do

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I love Kratom tea!!!!! I buy the premium powder and resin extracts quite often. I take large doses 10-12 grams considering I have quite a tolerance. Very good stuff!!!! Definitely worth the $$$$, but becareful where you buy it from because there are bullshit artists out there, I buy mine from a very reputable shop. It's horrible tasting, but 6 spoons of sugar and mixing it with herbal tea makes it tolerable.


I usually boil, slowly boil, on oz at a time in 3 cups of water for 20 mins. Drain through cheesecloth and then reboil the powder/resin for another 15 mins in 2 cups of water. I pour the 5 cups of extracted Kratom tea back into the pan and reduce until it's down to half it's original level, usualy reduce back down to 3 cups.


That usually gets me 2-4 good sized cups of tea when mixed with herbal tea. It sends me for a loop.

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I wouldent mind trying this Kratom, but befor i go and try and get some i would like to know in what way it gets you off stoned what ever, i dont know anything about but it sounds intersting, so befor i jump in and try to get some i would like to hear from the ppl here who has had it.
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Kratom is a mild opiate , and like all opiates it gives a sedative feeling , it can be used buy lots of different peopel for lots of different reaosns wether it be as a herbal alternative to methadone , as a valium type sedation

or just to get high :P



I am sure errowids has "effect reports" on there for kratom if ya wanna check that out I'm sure you would get all the answers you need as far as what to expect

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