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Short stunted plants.

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Hi fellow growers,


This is my first post here so please direct me if I am in the wrong place or make any mistakes.


I decided to start growing at home this year and so far have not had good results.  


Some background - i grow in coco in my greenhouse and germinate my seeds in peat pellets I bought from Bunnings. 


I am using auto flower seeds bought from seed city.


The seeds germinate well and push through in about a week.  I then transfer them to pots, I just remove the webbing from the peat pellets and put them straight into the coco.


After a week or 2 of good growth it all goes pare shaped.  The plants stop growing upwards and outwards, then after a few more weeks they start to flower.


Here are some pictures to help.


These are the nutrients I use, following the instructions on the label.  I use rain water collected from my tanks.




This is my oldest plant, as you can see, very short and not much bud.




This is a little younger than the last but in the same condition.




This one is doing quite well, but i am afraid it has stopped growing as well.




This was put into the pot a week ago.




Here are 2 seedlings just transferred to the pots today.




The white stuff in the pots is garden lime from Bunnings and the yellow things are fly traps.


Can any of the experts on here help this struggling amateur with this issue.   I think it is the Nutrients and I am happy to change them to a better brand if anyone has any suggestions.


Sorry all the photos are sideways, i cant figure out how to spin them.


Many thanks in advance.

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I dig down and take a sample, then I either use the dye and powder or my digital ph meter after mixing with distilled water.  I measure it every few days and it is holding at 6 at the moment.


How do I alter the ph of the nutrient

with this,,,https://www.hydroexperts.com.au/Hy-Gen-pH-Complete-Control-Kit-150ML-pH-Up-Down-pH-Indicator-Kit

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