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jester could be right but what caused the possible deficiency , most of the time it's not because your soil mix was lacking 

a nutrient , it's usually caused by a lockout = what caused the lockout , if you don't sort out the cause the problem won't go away  


talk about your watering practises & 

talk about the soil = brought or homemade , if brought which brand & did you add anything to it  

do you feed with bottled nutrients 

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Thanks fellas. I used bag of organic soil/compost mix from local nursery, a little of my black gold from compost mix at home and mixed in some perlite. It was going really well until a few weeks ago.

Plant was looking fantastic.

Nutrients used are a slow release organic thrive from bunnings and the odd seasol. Once every week or two roughly.


Not text book I know.

I water every few days when looking dry. Def not over watering.




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over watering or under watering will both cause a plant to go yellow 


when you water every few days do you do any checking of the pots moisture content b4 watering 

like stick ya finger in the soil to feel for moisture or lifting the pot to feel how heavy or lite it is 


the problem with tiny balls of slow release fertilizer , you can't stop them from fertilizing 

every time you water they fertilize , if your only using seasol & no other bottled nutrient 

that shouldn't cause any probs i would have thought unless you top dressed too much slow release 


i'll assume the plant has been in that pot & soil for a little while b4 seeing the yellowing 

was the slow release fertilizer in the soil mix when you put that plant in the pot 

or did you add them as a top dress after , if you added them to the top , how close after

adding slow release did the plant yellow 


just my opinion , 99% of probs you see generally can be traced back to too much or too little water 

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Heya Itchybro im doing good, had a quick read over, pretty interesting never really knew about it.

My info is just from personal experience, I've tried both ways before and come to think about it the times I put clay balls in the bottom the plants have probably performed worse then just straight soil.


Because I only had that small cupboard I didn't have much space so I just put the pots on a basic saucer, still was a bit of a growing noob back then so didn't realise I had to get rid of the runoff or have it drain properly and probably fed them too much, so yeah I used to get nutrient salt build up on the bottom of my pots, which was detrimental to the plants after a while.

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