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I’m honestly sorry I have to waste good people’s time and this is probably in the wrong place. But, I need some help please because I know f-all, but also because I’m colourblind. My friends smoke putrid PGR bud and don’t understand the consequences. I’ve been trying to stop them for years, even showing them high quality strains, but they are in the “anything is good to smoke” mindset that probably makes people on this forum shiver and shudder in disgust.


-it has barely any smell, even when grinded, and if it does, it’s that revolting ammonia like smell that’s associated with PGRpost-67761-161121538102_thumb.jpgpost-67761-161121540547_thumb.jpg, but they obviously don’t believe me, so is this bud PGR? ( I apologise in advance for wasting your time and thank you )

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Pgrs are carcinogenic. As I'm still trying to work out cycles re my supply lasting till my next ones are ready, sometimes I have to resort to buying it and every time I do, its always exactly like the pic, no smell, doesn't look 'right' and makes me start coughing endlessly. The phlegm is frothy and tastes salty. Gross I know but its so bad. I try to never ever buy if I can avoid it for this reason but if I do, and I still have some left when my own is ready, I bin it regardless of how much is left.
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