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Help with Gender and Possible early signs of Hermi

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Hi everyone 

So i grew a plant from a seed, i was told it was wedding cake gleato.. It grew great so i cloned it then turned it ( after prob more then 8week in veg :( )  it made good awesome buds but then started making a load of seeds after looking i could see polin sacs every where. So pulled it up, i had a few light leaks my system ran dry a few times so i figued it was stress..

These clones started showing signs of there gender very quick, as soon as the roots where out of the jiffy pad i could see little pistals, meh i said and set them up and ran them 18/6 till last week. They had pistals all the way through VEG some would turn brown.

Turned this week, started streching almost right away. Im finding heaps of good signs up top but finding these little things ( like pods) down bottom with no pistals coming from them i sware one or too where almost yellow or almost dead ( banna or dead pod from trim) ive been pulling them all off every time i find them but im worried and really got no idea. 

I have taken a lot of bottom growth off

Could it be auto/hermi a dif strain no idea atm


Any ideas or feed back would be awesome cheers



post-37658-0-37118400-1610699044_thumb.jpg post-37658-0-81494300-1610699063_thumb.jpgpost-37658-0-83466900-1610699105_thumb.jpgpost-37658-0-94523700-1610699154_thumb.jpg




 Indoor/Outdoor:             (Indoor)

Growing Medium:      (Clay)

Growing Style:        (DWC)

Watering/Feeding Frequency:     (12/12 Constant flow)

Nutrient Strength    (As per bottle GH Flora series) 

PH Levels:            Never Checked)
Temperature/Humidity Levels:    ( Low 25c 40% High 38c 60% )
Air Flow/Fans                             (1x duct in + House fan)
Lighting Type       (HPS -MH):
Total Wattage:         (600)
Growth Stage:       (Just turned lights.) 
Plants Age:          ( almost 7-8 weeks)
Cannabis Strain:      ( Maybe Wedding x Gelato )


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It’s ok they are just from the mother plant showing it’s sex ..

once a plant has sexed and you take a clone the clone doesn’t have to wait to sex like a seed plant would .

looking ok so far ,,hope they don’t get stressed.


Awesome to hear mate, im still a beginner and trying new things. 

Appreciate your imput! 

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