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Second grow with fem seeds (advice needed please )

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Hi guys


Happy Nee year to all


I’ve got to the stage where my plants are telling me there female I think , but I’m a little concerned that the flowering sites are too bright green and are lacking something like maybe iron ! Your advice would be highly appreciated


The second question is from a plant this size what could be the potential yield ? I have three plants and the main photos are from my Durban poison







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Hey JK,

Been a while, howzit goin??

Yea I agree with Cubent, they be female.

The potential yield could be pounds or absolutely nothing. Don't be looking at yields now, it's way to early to be doing that. It only takes one swarm of grasshoppers or one fence jumper to strip any idea of yields.

I say this 'cos I thought I had it all worked out until I got stung by a swarm of kunts in blue uniforms. That dropped my yield to nothing  :crybaby:

You could have a super humid couple of weeks and end up with a great big harvest of mould. Heaven forbid, but she could get stressed out, throw balls and you end up with a great big harvest of seed.

Do not be counting on a bumper harvest until the complete harvest is done dried and all jarred up. It only takes one cock up to go from hero to zero in this game.


That light green is completely normal, so don't be too concerned about that. Just keep doing what you are doing, she's looking good. I don't see anything to be overly worried about at the moment.



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