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bud trimmer recommendations

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Yea, it's called a pair of scissors lol


If you've got 5+ Lb... ...maybe.

The the ones I've seen in use knock the bejezus out of the buds, making the buds smooth/even over the whole surface.

They also remove a SHITLOAD of trichomes. Not so bad if you're gonna make your own hash tho lol  Collect it all up, make your own hashblocks.


My recommendation is a good sharp pair of sewing scissors, with a pointy tip, very precise. My mrs has (Had) a pair, Fiskars is the brand (She ain't got 'em no more   lol 'cos I stoled them  :unknw: They mine now )

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Cheers and thanks Merlin and Try Blu :)


I read a thing that Itchybro posted and how we got to treat our harvest with some respect so far as cannabis being a sponge and soaks up all the stuff in the environment that it is drying in and how important it is to consider the terpenes I think it is ... and all the smells and taste sensations that really make it good stuff.


And I also read somewhere that using a bud trimmer doesn't remove the little stems of leaves in the buds and knocks the shit out of the bud and no good because of many reasons..


So yeah II have the fiskars scissors for trimming Merlin but just not that keen on trimming lol


Oright then I've already spent the dosh I  was going to spend on trimmer on Chrissy booze and food etc lol .... back to the scissors I go! :D

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That would be me :)

Takes too long for anything other than hand trimmed imo.

i can strip a couple of kilo in about half an hour Hahaha. Then stamped into large Tupperware containers. Rough as guts. lol.......but affective.


Photo repost on one of them.


Hahaha Try Blu! Your fingers!!!! :stunned:

Fair dinkum luv lololol

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yep , nothing good comes from speed in the cannabis growing game imo 


unfortunately patience takes a long time to learn for most growers , from 

people constantly counting days which most likely will mean nothing to when

a triscombe head go's past it's used by date & changes color / ambers 


or the heater that gets turned on & blown on drying buds cause no one wants

to score from there dealer one last time while you wait for buds to dry 


trimmer machines are no diff , i know someone who brought a big one he hires 

out to growing mates on harvest days , if you make edibles or extract with a solvent 

or in other words remove all plant material , then a trim machine will prob be beneficial 

but if you like to look at pretty buds & to smell terpenes every time you open the bud jar

don't use a machine as it strips most if not all triscombe heads from the outside of the bud

making it so you have to break the bud open to enjoy the beautiful canna smells  


of cause there is more than just not using a machine to keep those terpenes intact 

drying room temperature is prob the most important to retaining terpenes 


& you def do not want to be spraying air freshener , glen 20 , aftershave around drying buds 

not sure people notice but you can check hanging/drying buds , they can be crispy & dry to

the touch but a few hours later after some rain & a high increase in humidity buds don't feel

as crispy as they did cause they are sucking up some of the air humidity , if there is any other

smell in that humid air , guess where it has a chance of going , yep ya buds 


no one likes trimming bud sugar especially allot of bud but if there was a better way that 

achieves all we want we would be doing it already i reckon 


i like the spring loaded scissors for trimming myself but you need 2 pair of any scissors & a

little alcohol in a glass to put sticky scissors in while you pull out a fresh pair from the glass


scissor hash is ok but it is triscombes mixed with little bits a leaf matter making a little harsh

to smoke imo , it'll def get you high ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, after the coughing :) 

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