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So I’m growing my first plant, it’s outdoors and I need help, my plants got all these white dots appearing and I’m not sure what it is and how to get rid of it, can anyone help me please!?

Also some tips and pointers would be awesome!

Thanks guysbb67b822a143a63d224f1ca96fe2115b.jpg






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White fly can be a real pain, the white marks u see are where the buggers take bites outta your leaves,staining the pigment and chlorophyll dies

U could try neem oil and yellow sticky traps, not sure about thrips though. U can google it

It just says neem oil or insecticide soaps. I wouldn't neccicarily go straight for neem myself but give it a go. But I might have to.


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Hey guys this is how it’s looking now, the white dots are have started to disappear and the leaves are looking a lot better, this is a photo I have taken today when watering her, let me know what use think would love some feedback on how you think she’s travelling,


Cheers guys 148733a6896c87f0775189918e6d2480.jpg






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Thanks Afghan bob I’ll look it up now,


For pest management someone told me to get pyrethrum I think it is, so tomorrow I’m gonna go and get some of that, unless you can recommend something else ?


Thanks heaps for the feed back I appreciate it :)



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Personally i'd go with Neem oil, 3-5 mls per ltr of water Add a few drops of dishwash det and shake like hell


Make sure u spray under leaves and get right in 2 all areas 2 point of run-off


Probs twice a week and u can use your pyrethrum on other days


Mix it up, buggers can get used 2 one

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