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Anyone else doing it like this

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I'm in FNQ - so we get very little difference between daylight hours in summer and winter. So little difference in fact that I have issues with outdoor grows. Any seeds purchased from seedbanks seem to go straight to flower resulting in plants under 1 foot with about 2/3 grams of dried bud - pretty much pointless. By using local bushbud seed I could get around the issue somewhat, but that just left me growing crappy weed that was half male most of the time.


So for years I've been growing indoors in a little cupboard. LEDS were a godsend for me as it meant heat wasn't the issue it once was.


For the last year I've been putting starting 2 seeds in soil in the cupboard about a month before I start my usual hydro grow on a 18 hour light cycle. When I turn the lights to 12 hours I repot the 2 in soil an stick them in the garden. I do this any month of the year without a concern for the natural light cycle and I get the exact same good results. I've never had a plant fail to go to flower. I've never had a plant revert to vegetative growth.


Generally the 2 outside plants are ready to harvest a week or two after the one that remained in the cupboard being grown hydroponically and while they're a little bit taller produce a tiny bit less bud than their indoor younger sister.


Didn't really think it would work so easily or well.

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