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Healthy looking stunned growth


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Hey Oz growers,


Loving to see the Oz community growing!


Very beginner VIC outdoor grower that have been coming across the same issue over and over for every grow. 


After a very extended amount of research and reading I am lost for answers and I am sure I must be making a rookie mistake however haven't been able to pin point it. 


Here is a sum up of the issue:


- early Seedling stage : close to perfect to my liking 

- first or second true leaves  : EXTREMELY SLOW GROWTH CLOSE TO STUNNED FOR WEEKS ( I am aware the roots are supposed to develop at this stage however it does last for 2 months on average ... )

- Veg : fine however impacted from previous issue = very small plant

- flower : fine
- drying / curing : fine


Symptomes are only a slow growth, healthy looking ( I think ? ) no signs of over or under watering ( been using the weight technic ) nor pest, roots looking healthy white however underdeveloped.


Seedlings are keeps under grow light at 21 at night and 26 during the day with 50 - 70% RH on average before being slowly introduced to the outdoor when temps allow it.

I have experienced with coco ( bottled nut ) and soil ( easy as organic living soil ) always 50/50 perlite / medium

The plant is an example of a 2.5 months old plant, seed purchased from reputable company


Any advice or questions are welcome! 

Hope to be able to share successful grows in the near future. 

Thx heaps in advance. 




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I'd be thinking of removing the mulch. It may be keeping the roots too wet, that will slow growth. Worth a try. You can always put it back if that is not the cause. The plants look pretty healthy though.

Thanks I have checked the top soil it still dries out pretty quickly :/  I ll keep an eye on it. This is actually my first time using it, the previous grows had the same issue.


Healthy even for a 2 and a half month old plant ?  :ermm:  :sweat:

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Like mentioned in the original post the roots were just slightly  visible on the edges of the soil once taken out of the cup and barely any at the bottom, even the tap roots didn't quite make it to the bottom.
That being said I did replant it in a bigger pot just in case as I had the same thought. 

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are you mixing 50% perlite into easy as organics soil blend ? , no need to do this , your completely changing the design of the mix , voiding warranty so to speak


pot is to small

the idea of a living soil is it needs to stay moist for the organisms in the pot to be alive & assist the growth of your plant  


if the soil drys organisms & nutrients are no longer available to the plant , bigger the pot the more consistent the moisture level , the smaller

the pot the harder the work to keep moisture consistent 


there should be no yellowing leaves on your plant despite what you read it being " normal " = no not normal , majority of the time

it's a sign of moisture issues , too much / too little 


nothing wrong with having a mulch layer , it'll help with soil evaporation but again in small pots that's trying to push shit up hill 

the other thing you want a mulch layer to do is feed the soil , by feeding the soil life at the soil surface , but no moisture no life

to convert those nutrients into a plant available form  


my suggestion is , get her into a much bigger pot & consider investing in blumats as your watering system 

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