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Pollen - Where does it come from ?

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Bananas are just pollen sax with out the outer shell and harder to find. Are you going to collect the pollen to put on another female to make seeds ? Only asking because if it’s a true hermi ... from its genes , then any seeds you make from it will more than likely produce more Hermes... if it was a female and it grew balls from environmental stress or stress from colloidal silver spray , then you can take that pollen , put it on another pure female plant... most of the seeds will be fems , Ive just finished doing it myself , now Just have to be patient. good luck MMH.



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First pic looks full on male .


second pic looks hermaphrodite.


could be it’s the same plant but that’s what is showing.


pollen comes from both...

Or a non completed CS spray run , about 6 week mark, in photos, and 3 weeks in at this stage for auto ..?


So it probably at week 5 after spraying it for the last time?

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