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Advice on lighting, both indoor and outdoor

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It's been cloudy and raining quite frequently around here lately and my plants are on an inch or two tall, still only got their first two leaves and about to drop their cotyledons. They seem to be growing slower than normal though.


The sun will eventually come out regularly and it will hot as f**k but what I've decided to do is buy a couple of 130W CFLs and cupboard them with reflective film during the dark hours and put them on the balcony in the sun during the day.


I reckon with some LST I could get away with this for around 2 months, maybe a bit longer. By then it will be the start of Summer and we all know how hot it gets by then.


Are there any downsides to this? Has anyone on here tried it? Is there anything I should know before I do it?


Or, should I just keep them in the cupboard with the light on 24 hours a day for the 2 or so months?


I'm thinking I should take them to the balcony each day because the sun would be stronger than 260W of CFLs.  

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