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Help please. Severe nutrient issues


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My last post mucked up; so ill try again. 


Suggestions on how i can save these before i loose them? 


These guys have been going steadily since April. 


They have been showing signs going on 3-4 weeks now, recently worse. (I thought if i flushed for a week or 2 without additives it might stop)


Only over the counter nutrients and food. purple/yellow pwr feed, dyn lifter, alrock, seasol etc. 


I moved them into larger containers with fresh soil yesterday and gave them some searless flourish souble food and some Dolomite this morning. My hope in regenerating it with trace elements and magnesium. 


Plant 1 - More vigour than its counterpart. More bulk in sites. slowed growth. server leaf older leaf deterioration now younger leaves showing signs









Plant 2 - Diminished vigour. slowed growth. Les bulky sites. Severe (old and young) leaf deterioration 













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